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Busy week, busy week...

Yup, I haven't updated in quite a while... So I decided to write down everything that happened this week :D
This Tuesday was my 16th birthday! Some friends of my mother and father came over, and I got myself some really nice presents and all... My mother and father got me a stereo, one of my dad's friends got me a computer game, while my brother gave me money ^.^ All in all, I had a great time, as some of my old friends came over too.

Well... Wednesday, I had my first driving lesson. I was extremely nervous, but I did very well, not crashing into anything. Yay! :D

Well, apart from that, not much has happened. I've finally gotten a scanner, so now I might be able to upload my own pictures and stuff on Fur Affinity or Deviant Art. Well, I guess there's nothing else to say for now. Anyways, I'm still here... Since this week has been our fall vacation, school starts on Monday, and I have a science report to write...

Reunion with a friend!

Yup, that's right. Today, I met one of my old childhood friends near town. H hadn't seen him in quite a while actually. I can still remember good times with him and others, back when I was 4 years old... Ah, good old times.
It's always nice to meet someone you knew when you were a kid. It was quite fun to chat with him again. The guy had changed a lot, but his brother looked just like he had alwas done, except that he had a short beard.

As for now, I've caught a cold... But apart from that, school is going well, my parents are arguing just like always :D

Writer's Block: Worrisome

What is your biggest worry right now?
I don't really know... I'm a bit worried about one of my friends at school, and I'm worried about the future impact that "something" could leave on me.

An image of reality?

I haven't posted anything in a few days now. Why? Because I've been working, and lost in deep thoughts.
As for my thoughts... Well, I know it may sound strange to some, but for a long time now, this one image has been appearing in my head. It's hard to explain, but I'll try:
The image shows a man; A soldier, like in WWII. He is standing all by himself, in on a huge, open place. He is wounded, bleeding from the arm and head. The skies are grey, the ground is covered in snow, and it is still snowing. The man has a sad look on his face, and he keeps staring up at the sky, as if he is waiting for something.
It sounds a bit strange, I know that. I have no idea why I keep thinking of this picture, but it makes me sad for some reason...
I've been starting to think; Maybe I'm that soldier? Maybe he simply represents me, in some way...? I can't think of why though. I'm not alone, wounded or a soldier. It could just be that I've listened to too much Stephen Harwood music... Well, I could try to put the picture on paper, even though I can't really draw. Well, could it be an image of reality? I don't know, and I guess I won't find out... Or maybe I will?

Another day...

So, second entry.
Well, today was just another day at school... Except for one little thing: We got our very own computers, or "laptops" as they call them these days. So now I have a nice working tool that can prove to be quite useful when I'm working... And when I'm not working. So today I've been watching some videos on YouTube, downloaded a couple of required programs for work, stuff like that.
Well, this is the second week of high school anyway. I'm actually starting to get used to it now. How is it? Well, I like it. It's seems like a nice place, with nice teachers, nice educational ways and some nice people... SOME nice people. Not all of them are friendly, but I certainly hope I will make some friends there. Unfortunately, I'm a bit too shy to talk to most of them. I don't know why, that's just how it is.
What more is there to say? Well, I miss my other friends... About ten of them goes to other schools, two of them are busy at work, and one of them is on vacation. But I'm actually doing quite well alone. Sometimes, being alone might be the best thing.

First entry

Well, this is my very first entry here at LiveJournal. I'm looking forward to weite about daily events, get to know people, stuff like that. I guess I'll just try to make this a memorable day... Somehow. I've had a pretty rough day, so I guess I will remember it somehow.